BluOS Firmware release 3.16 : Dolby Atmos Soundbar+ & TUNIFY

BluOS™, the premium multiroom music management platform from Bluesound, NAD and DALI, has announced a number of improvements in the upcoming release of version 3.16.   On Tuesday

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Home Emotion - at DALI Benelux

Dear DALI Partner,

For support, we have made a nice overview of which products Read here an article from Home Emotion visiting DALI Benelux


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Music Emotion - EQUI event

EQUI, Mofi launches and more read here Music Emotion's experience at the DALI Benelux EQUI event

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FWD - 2021 - 09-10 | The Return of the Opticon MKII

In the review, we're going to see if the DALI Opticon MKII are suitable for building a home theater with

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Review- Music Emotion: The return of the Opticon MKII

In this review, we are going to investigate whether the DALI Opticon MK2s are equally suitable for building a home theatre... (NL)

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FWD - 2021 NOV DEC - Pulsesoundbar

A soundbar like no other, it's a description that fits this new device from Bluesound perfectly (NL)

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