Invite Skybox Arrangement Willem II

After a year without too many highlights when it comes to going out, vacations, events and 'fun' in a general sense, we are now cautiously looking forward again and hope that the upcoming honorary division soccer season will take a more normal shape

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BluOS - infographic

Dear DALI Partner,

For support, we have made a nice overview of which products provide BluOS integration and which have the option to share the input signal with other zones. In addition, the second page contains an overview of the different streaming services and home automation protocols.

Below links for a PDF version and a variant that can be used for printing.


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Fix for issue with iOS14 and BluOS devices

Apple has added an extra layer of security in its latest iOS update (iOS 14) to ensure that certain Apps on the network do not discover the iOS device.  This means for all Bluesound and BluOS devices that the zones are not visible when you open the BluOS App.

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Review: Dali Oberon 1C - Small music speakers that go well with your TV

Wireless speakers with streaming that you can connect directly to your TV. You don't have many options in that area, but with the Oberon 1C, the Danish Dali brings a total solution that is reasonably priced enough to be a real alternative to the soundbar.

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NAD M33 - Review

Read the review of the brand new NAD M33 from FWD here

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DALI Spektor 6 - Group Winner in HIFI Choice - MAR 2021

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